Everyone talks about the Cloud - but what is it and is it right for your business?

In a word yes! Cloud computing plays a part of every business in today's world and we can help. There are huge benefits of moving to the Cloud.

  • Reduce Costs - Unlike internal networks, which can incur hefty upfront costs, cloud computing services are quicker to deploy and are nearly always charged on a pay as you go basis. This allows for lower and more predictable operational expenses.
  • Stay Flexible - With the Cloud, you are able to leverage the enormous IT infrastructures of companies like Microsoft and Google to create an entirely bespoke solution, meaning you have total flexibility to scale along with your business to demands of size of functionality.
  • Stay Secure - Most cloud computing data centres are subject to regular security audits performed to the highest standards and your data is backed up across multiple servers.
  • Work from Anywhere - Adapting to the competitive world of business often means you have to be in two places at once, accessing your important information from different devices. The Cloud enables you to do this, while also making it very easy for workers in separate locations to collaborate.

Having a clear understanding of the various options available is essential when it comes to implementing your cloud computing strategy, so contact us today for a Cloud consultation.

Cloud Backup

Why you need Cloud Backup?
Data loss can be devastating for any organization, and it can happen for a variety of reasons, from hardware failure to human error to natural disasters. That's why having a reliable backup solution in place is essential for protecting your valuable data and ensuring business continuity. One of the most effective backup solutions available today is cloud backup. Here are some of the key reasons why you need cloud backup:

  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, such as a fire, flood, or cyberattack, your on-premises backup solutions may be inaccessible or destroyed. With cloud backup, your data is stored off-site in secure, redundant data centers, ensuring that it's always available and recoverable.
  • Cost-Effective: Cloud backup eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software investments, and it allows you to pay for only the storage you need. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Scalability: With cloud backup, you can easily scale up or down as your business needs change. You can add or remove storage capacity as needed, without having to invest in new hardware or software.
  • Automation: Cloud backup solutions are typically automated, which means that backups are performed regularly and without any manual intervention. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures that your data is always up-to-date and protected.
  • Accessibility: With cloud backup, your data is accessible from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easy to access your data from remote locations or during business travel.
  • Security: Cloud backup solutions typically offer advanced security features, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure that your data is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

At Central London IT Consultancy Services we understand the importance of having a reliable backup solution in place to protect your valuable data. That's why we offer cloud backup solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts will work with you to design and implement a backup solution that's scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your data with cloud backup.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity tools that can help businesses increase productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows. It includes a range of applications and services that can help your business operate more efficiently and effectively.

Applications and Services:

  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity tools that includes popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These applications are essential for most businesses and are used to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails.
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that enables teams to communicate and work together in real-time. It includes features such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management.
  • OneDrive: OneDrive is a cloud-based storage platform that enables users to store, share, and access files from anywhere. It includes features such as automatic backup, version control, and remote access.
  • SharePoint: SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform that enables users to share, manage, and collaborate on documents and other content.
  • Power Platform: Power Platform is a suite of low-code and no-code tools that enables users to build custom business applications, workflows, and reports.


  • Increased productivity: Microsoft 365 can help your team work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity and saving time.
  • Improved collaboration: Microsoft 365 includes a range of collaboration tools that enable teams to work together in real-time, no matter where they are located.
  • Access from anywhere: Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based platform, which means that users can access their applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Scalability: Microsoft 365 is scalable, which means that it can grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of your business.
  • Cost-effective: Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, as it eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware and software.

Why choose Microsoft 365:

  • Trusted platform: Microsoft is a trusted and reputable technology company that has been providing business solutions for decades.
  • Security: Microsoft 365 includes a range of security features that help protect your data from cyber threats.
  • Integration: Microsoft 365 integrates with other Microsoft applications and services, enabling seamless workflows and processes.
  • Support: Microsoft provides comprehensive support for Microsoft 365, including technical support and training resources.
  • Innovation: Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving and improving, with new features and updates being released regularly.

If you're interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 and how it can benefit your business, please contact us today. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation.

Remote Hosted Desktop | Cloud Hosting Services | DaaS

Are you tired of dealing with the complexities of managing your own IT infrastructure? Have you considered using a hosted desktop solution? A hosted desktop is a cloud-based service that allows you to access your desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should consider using a hosted desktop solution:

  • Enhanced Security: Hosted desktop solutions are often more secure than traditional on-premises solutions. Your data is stored in secure data centers, which are monitored and maintained by trained professionals. Additionally, your data is often backed up and replicated to multiple locations, ensuring that your data is safe in case of any disasters.
  • Simplified IT Management: With a hosted desktop solution, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your own IT infrastructure. Your service provider will take care of all the maintenance, upgrades, and patches, so you can focus on your core business activities.
  • Reduced IT Costs: Hosted desktop solutions can be more cost-effective than traditional on-premises solutions. You no longer have to invest in expensive hardware or software, and you can scale up or down as needed, paying only for what you use.
  • Business Continuity: With a hosted desktop solution, you can ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. Your data and applications are replicated and backed up to multiple locations, so you can access them from anywhere, ensuring that your business can continue to operate even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Increased Productivity: A hosted desktop solution can increase productivity by providing employees with quick and easy access to their desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device. This means that your employees can work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and get more done in less time.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a popular model with large corporates with multi-million-pound IT budgets but now DaaS can be simply and cheaply deployed for small and medium business, from one-man bands upwards.

In conclusion, a hosted desktop solution can provide your business with many benefits, including increased mobility, enhanced security, simplified IT management, reduced IT costs, business continuity, and increased productivity. If you're interested in learning more about hosted desktop solutions and how they can benefit your business, please contact us today. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation.Increased Mobility: With a hosted desktop solution, you can access your desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can work from home, on the go, or at a client's office without having to worry about being tied to your office computer.

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